Loan Against Property

Secured loans are known as Loan against property (LAP) and availed by a customer or a business to meet any expense that a bank finds suitable for funding. The loan is availed by mortgaging an existing property like flat, plot, land etc. with the bank.

The amount of loan is decided by bank on the basis of income of the customer and the market value of the property.

Advantage of Secured Loans (LAP) over Unsecured Loans for Businesses

  • Lower rate of interest 
  • Lower EMI
  • Bigger Tenure

Benefits of taking Loans with us

  • Disbursal within 20 days from receipts of complete documents. 
  • Repayment tenures up to 15 years
  • Best in Class Rate of Interest
  • Tie-ups with major Indian and Foreign Banks, NBFCs and Housing finance companies

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